Nothing Much

Busy, busy, busy week. Work, school, Women for WineSense. Insane amount of stuff going on. Looking forward to catching my breath for a few days. That is all.


Monday mornings

Message in my voice mail from the weekend:

Caller: "I've been collecting wine for a long time. I bought quite a bit of your Chardonnay in 1993. I still have some bottles left in my cellar. I went to pull one out today and the cork "imploded" inside the bottle. I want the bottle replaced since this is a manufacturing defect. I want you to replace it with the same exact 1993 Chardonnay. I can return the bottle to you to look at. ..."

Thanks for the laugh on Monday morning.

For the record I returned the call and left a polite message. No reply yet.


Long Time No See!

Hey Friends!

I've been working on the blog for the Napa/Sonoma Chapter of Women For WineSense since January and its keeping me busy along the demands of the full time job and the MBA program. Come check out the action over there for a while. My next post will be on the Wine Buyers Panel discussion that WWS sponsored last week. You should also check out the Women for WineSense National Conference taking place in Napa on
April 30 - May 2, 2010. I'd love to meet up with you there.