(aaaarrrgggggghhhhh) the sound of silent frustration

This is literally what I sound like right now- I'm trying to howl with frustration, but no sound comes out. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Well, ok, I can sort of make whispery moans and croaking noises. I have a terrible case of laryngitis that has been plaguing me for almost a month.

It started before Christmas. I called the doctor's office to ask if it might be a side effect of the combination of new allergy meds I was taking, but didn't get a solid answer. Tried stopping each med for a few days with no improvement. Meanwhile we were busy as hell at work, I was getting ready for the holiday, and leaving on vacation 12/26. I had high hopes that it would clear up while I relaxed in the sun, but nooooo. I continued to croak and whisper through the entire trip with not much improvment. *sigh* For no apparent reason on Monday 1/5 I woke up barely able to whisper and had to ask M (my partner in crime, er- life) to call the doctor and make an appointment for me as soon as I got back to Napa.

Update- since started this post a few days ago- My doctor prescribed Prednisone, and so far it's been working. I now have a throaty purr instead of a whispery croak. (Whooo hoooo) No yelling yet for me. Mostly I'm getting tired of people asking me if I am sick, which has been happening for almost a month now. I'm not sick, damnit. Well sort of not sick. I don't have a virus or infection. Just some strange allergy thing going on.

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